Victoria Arduino – Athena

Victoria Arduino – Athena (3 Group)

Athena was a milestone for Victoria Arduino. It is an espresso machine whose fundamental features are its rationality and linearity. It is no coincidence that it was named after the goddess of wisdom, art and culture, the Athena who was born so arrogantly and already fully-grown from the head of Zeus himself, to present herself to gods and humanity alike in all her virginal beauty, algid in her purity. The city of Athens took its name from her and excelled above all in discoveries and innovations in the field of art, literature and philosophy – like the Victoria Arduino espresso machine in other aspects. The good omen invoked by the name, therefore, has kept its promises and given life to a product with an impeccable line and a rational functionality.


  • BODY: Chrome Or Brass
  • Groups: 2 Group or 3 Group
  • Dimensions: Refer to brochure
  • Weight: 2 group 70kg, 3 Group 85kg